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The Dream of a Summer Night

Rumi said: Whoever is loved is beautiful, but this doesn’t mean that whoever is beautiful is loved. “There are girls more beautiful than Laila,” they used to tell Majnun. “Let us bring some to you.” “I do not love Laila for her form,” Majnun would reply.
“Laila is like a cup in my hand. I drink wine from that cup. I am in love with that wine. You only have eyes for the goblet and do not know the wine. A golden goblet studded with precious stones, but containing only vinegar, what use is that to me? An old broken gourd with wine is better in my eyes than a hundred goblets of gold.”

Date2011 … + 2015-> 17

Desire – " In the orchard and rose garden / I long to see your face. / In the taste of Sweetness / I long to kiss your lips. / In the shadows of passion / I long for your love./ Oh Supreme Lover ! Let me leave aside my worries … You are the Essence of the Essence, / The intoxication of Love. / I long to sing your praises
/ but stand mute / with the agony of wishing in my heart." Rumi

“An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.” – Hāfez

“The Lover comes, the Lover comes ! / Open the way for him !/ He’s looking for a heart, / Let’s show him one. / I scream / “What you come to hunt is me !” / He says laughingly, / 'I’m not here to hunt you, but to save you.” Rumi

The man who has broken due to his lack of water – " Reach for the rope of God ! And what is that? Putting aside self-will. Because of willfulness people sit in jail, the trapped bird’s wings are tied, fish sizzle in the skillet. … Now see the invisible ! If you could leave your selfishness, you would see how you’ve been torturing your soul !!! " Moving Water by Rumi

Nastratin Hogea si Cersetoria: " … – Cand iti voi arata cele doua monede, s-o alegi pe cea de aur. Aurul e mai valoros decat argintul si oamenii nu vor mai rade de tine, spunand ca esti prost.
Nastratin a vazut sinceritatea omului si i-a raspuns cu sinceritate:

  • Dumneata ai dreptate. Daca aleg moneda de aur, oamenii nu vor mai rade de mine, caci va fi limpede ca nu sunt mai prost decat ei. Dar nu-mi vor mai da monedele de argint, iar cu pacaleala asta nici nu stii cati bani am reusit sa strag de la oamenii astia destepti. "

Nastratin si Numaratul stelelor: Un cunoscut il intreaba pe Nastratin: – Hoge, stii cate stele sunt pe cer? … – Sa spun drept, nu stiu ! De multa vreme vreau si eu sa aflu cate sunt, dar oricat incerc, nu reusesc. Trebuie sa merg chiar e in cer si sa le numar. … – Pai, de ce nu ai mers pana acum sa le numeri ? … – Din 2 motive ! In primul rand, ziua am multa treaba si, chiar si asa, ziua nu sunt stele pe cer. Unde sa merg ? In al doilea rand,mie frica. … Ma tem ca, daca merg atat de mult, pana in cer, acolo n-o sa mai am lumina si nu voi putea numara stelele pe intuneric."

Surrendering in a Chess Game … “What is the Difference between Your experience of Existence and that of a Saint? /The saint knows That the spiritual path Is a sublime chess game with God /And that the Beloved Has just made such a Fantastic move /That the saint is now continually Tripping over joy/ And bursting out in laughter/ And saying, “I Surrender!”/ Whereas, my dear, I’m afraid you still think: You have a thousand serious moves.” – Hafiz

Waiting (for Love to happen) … “Patience is not sitting and waiting, it is foreseeing. It is looking at the thorn and seeing the rose, looking at the night and seeing the day. Lovers are patient and know that the moon needs time to become full.” – Rumi

Sold – The two witnesses – “All day I think about it, then at night I say it. Where did I come from, and what am I supposed to be doing? I have no idea. My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there.” – Rumi